Saturday, 1 September 2012

One last hurrah!

So we had a last minute change of plans this weekend. What had started out as our first family camping weekend in years, changed to a low key weekend in Vancouver to end the summer. Well, low key because we wouldn't be riding our bikes out to the island for a camping trip. Instead, we would spend our Friday doing something else we haven't done in a long time. We took the kids to The Fair at the PNE!

We rode our bikes out to the very East of Vancouver, parked them in the highly under-advertised and under-used Bike Valet, and headed off for a day of excitement. I have to take a moment to thank out friend, Lisa, from The Sprog, for letting us know about the bike parking. While there was plenty of room in the city bike racks outside the gates when we arrived, by the time we left they were full and would have been a hassle to unlock and remove our bikes.
Coralie and Etienne learning how to wait "patiently" in line for a ride.
Etienne and I pre-coaster...his face was a bit
green afterwards
Anyway, back to the PNE. I was very excited to go after looking over the rides beforehand and finding out my daughter was tall enough for many of the roller-coasters and more grown-up rides! You see, back in Ontario, going to Canada's Wonderland was a highlight of my summer, as I'm a big fan of roller coasters. So you can understand my dismay when we took the kids on the Kettle Creek Mine Coaster, and both of them said they felt sick and didn't like it. First ride, too! Oh well, I guess Chris and I would be resigned to kiddie rides for one more year.

Coralie and Etienne enjoying a gentler ride
Chris sacrificing comfort for a ride with Etienne.
The things we do for our children!
After a full day, we were ready to head home. I think the highlight for the kids may have been the Super Dogs show, but it was just good to be at the fair with all the excitement of the rides, shows and, of course, all the goodies. Big thanks to which ever of our neighbours left a 2 for 1 coupon for admission on our door! It was a great way to spend part of our last weekend before returning to the routine of school, extra curricular activities, and, hopefully not too soon, the cool wet weather of winter in Vancouver.

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