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About the Blog

The blog started out as an idea for a summer project, chronicling the author's adventures with her two kids, as they travel throughout Vancouver, BC. Having lived without a car since June of 2010, she wanted to have a journal to share with her children about how they got around on bikes and using transit, and of course all the fun things they can and did do.

After speaking with many people who are consistently amazed with how mobile they are as a family, Melissa felt compelled to share her stories with a broader audience, and Velo Family Diaries was born. The posts on this blog share their triumphs and challenges as a bike friendly family, illustrating the many things accessible to a young family in Vancouver and the cities they travel to. The hope is to inspire others to give a bike friendly lifestyle a try, and to promote bike riding to the next generation as cycling continues to grow in popularity.

About the Author

Melissa Bruntlett lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband and their two children, where she works as a Fashion Brand Specialist for Tuttle Agency, a sales firm focused on sustainable and local brands. Melissa is also an active member of her community, acting as Chair of the Parent Advisory Council for her children's school, as well as volunteer work with Velopalooza and various other local groups. 

Since becoming a mother, Melissa. Has strived to achieve balance so she can continue to play an active role in her children's lives. Through her work and volunteer pursuits, she has been able to find a fulfilling path, while making time for what is important. Her blog, Velo Family Diaries, has given her the opportunity to share her stories and pursuits with a wider audience. What started as a focus on their car-free adventures has grown in to something more. Melissa uses this platform to not only share the triumphs and challenges of being a parent and living without car ownership, but also to point out how easy the lifestyle can be, while also showing ways that it can be improved and made accessible to anyone.

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