Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Bike Envy Solved

I think everyone experiences a bit of bike envy before they get their dream bike. My husband was no exception. Last Christmas, I purchased my very own Dutch-style sit-up bike, and I can say for certain I will never look back. I remember on one of my very first rides to pick up some Christmas gifts nearby thinking, "I feel like such a girl!" I always wanted to feel pretty when riding, and I finally did and I loved it! 

Unfortunately, my joy and happiness over my new bike became the focus of much envy from my husband that just increased with every family ride. Seeing me able to sit upright and take it slow and steady strengthened Chris' resolve that a sit-up bike was the perfect bike for him, and not his cumbersome commuter hybrid. Well, I'm happy to say that after several months of patience and searching for the ideal bike, his bike envy has been solved!
A very happy man and his dream bike
Last week, Chris visited our friends at Whoa! Nellie Bikes and picked out his very own Dutch-style bike, right down to the step through feature. I remember him being excited when he got his last bike, but I think it had more to do with ditching our car and being able to finally commute by bike than the actual bike itself. This time around, he keeps telling me how much he loves his bike, and spends a lot of time on Twitter and Facebook going on about his special blue bike. He feels so free and natural now, and revels in the strange looks he gets when riding amongst the hunched over, lycra-clad riders in his regular, business casual attire.
Riding around in South Vancouver
A nice photo op at English Bay
There's a perfect bike out there for all of us. Now Chris and I can ride confidently around Vancouver on our sit-up bikes, riding slowly, enjoying some good conversation, and feeling very European...and loving every minute!
My bike (right) has finally found her match (left)
If you're in the market for a sit-up bike, check out this article from Momentum Magazine:

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