Monday, 31 December 2012

Humbled and in awe! The most popular Velo Family posts of 2012

When I started this blog in late June, 2012, I thought it would be a fun way to record our family adventures on two wheels. It quickly grew to more than that. Not only was I sharing our life on two wheels, but I have also shared some of my strong opinions about how to make biking more accessible and fun for everyone, regardless of gender, age, ability, etc. I have been humbled with the response, and have made some new friends along the way. I want to thank everyone that has followed our journey so far, whether you agree with what I have to say or not, and hope to continue to entertain in 2013 and years to come! Here is a recap of the 10 most popular posts of 2012. 

#10 - Free for the weekend July 8, 2012

Not only do I want this blog to be an inspiration for other families to try a life on two wheels, but I always want to be a resource for other parents in finding fun things to do with their children. This post provided a list of activities that cost little to no money and were a fun way to keep our young children entertained. The good thing is, these activities will be around for 2013, so it's not too late to take advantage!

#9 - One small idea, very big reward December 6, 2012

This recent post discussed my frustration with the lack of safe infrastructure for pedestrians and bicycles in some areas of Vancouver. While I have heard from my guy at the City, who gave me some ideas of what to do next, it's going to take a lot of work to make the changes I wish to see. Looks like 2013 is going to be a busy year!

#8 - The Month Before Christmas - A Velo Family Holiday Story December 4, 2012

This fun post started out as our annual Christmas e-card to friends and family. At my husband's insistence, I shared it with my followers, and have received lots of love for my creativity. Thanks to everyone!

#7 - Get the Lady a Bike! October 1, 2012

With women making up 85% of the household purchasing power, marketing to their sensibilities is a sure fire way to increase sales. So why don't most bicycle companies take advantage of make riding a bike look like a fun, easy and safe option for people instead of an intense sport for the only the bravest of our citizens? Things are changing, though. Keep an eye out in Vancouver for some creative new ideas on how to sell bikes to the masses in 2013!

#6 - Year End Countdown #1 - Top Ten Family Bike Destinations December 11, 2012

This year the Velo Family got to many places around Vancouver, creating memories at each stop. This is a list of some of my favourite places to ride my bike around town!

#5 - An Inspirational Weekend - Part One November 5, 2012

We were lucky enough to be one of the first families to use the Vancouver Inspiration Pass. Not being ones to back down from a challenge, we tried to fit as many activities into our weekend as possible, and I think we succeeded! 

#4 - Fall Velo Family Ride October 1, 2012

Fall can be very rainy here in Vancouver. Loving both fall riding and gathering a group of people to do it, I held what happened to become the last Velo Family Rides of 2012. In an unseasonably warm Fall air, we took a ride with new friends and old, and enjoyed one of the few beautiful days before the rain starts.

#3 - Disoriented, Disrespected and Disappointed July 24, 2012

It's always surprising how quickly a ride can turn from fun to a flop. On a simple trip to Science World with my son, I experienced some of the worst attitudes and infrastructure a bike rider can face. I'm happy to say, though, that the construction has cleared in that area, making way for an awesome separated lane that I now love using!

#2 - Straight Girls Like Bikes, Too! November 23, 2012

This turned out to be a piece that ruffled some feathers, but was meant to point out that there are all types of bike riders, including girls in skirts, and that creating a more human image of cycling is the best way to grow the numbers on two wheels. Wishing all riders happy cycling!

#1 - Why Separation is a Good Thing July 12, 2012

One of my earliest posts, this turned out to be the most popular by far! As a mom, a wife and a person who rides a bike, I continue to think the best way forward for cycling infrastructure is to provide them with separated lanes. Motorists may see it as a loss of a driving lane, but the benefit to them is just a great. Creating a barrier between bicycles and motorists reduces the incidents of collisions, creates a safe environment for cyclists, thus increasing the numbers, and believe it or not, actually increases traffic at the retail spaces that exist along these routes. I just hope the momentum keeps up in my city and others throughout North America, so that everyone can benefit from safer, more complete streets.

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