Friday, 28 December 2012

Final year end countdown: Favourite Velo Family Moments of 2012

What an adventure we've had this year! The Velo Family has shared some fantastic moments together and with our friends. Some memories stand out, and I wanted to share them with you as the year comes to an end.

#6 - Weekend Without Mommy

Ok, so not all the Velo Family was a part of this adventure, but my husband looks back on his solo weekend with the kids with fond memories. Getting to explore with our kids the best way he knows how gave them a chance to bond. Working full-time, he misses out on many of my trips with the kids, so I'm glad they were able to take the time to have some fun together!

#5 - My Cargo Bike Adventure and the Beginning of Velo Family Diaries

The very first Velo Family post gave me a chance to begin sharing my family story. As an added bonus, it featured our first trip in a Cargo Bike! Travelling through my city with my two kids in front seeing everything in a new perspective was such a great experience, and has left my husband and I longing for our own cargo bike if it weren't for the hefty price tag.

#4 - Inspiration Pass Explorations Part 1 and Part 2

The Inspiration Pass released by the City of Vancouver is such an amazing program, and we count ourselves very lucky to be one of the first families to use it. We were able to explore so many places in this city that we otherwise miss out on because of budget, time, or just busy lives in general. I think the second weekend was definitely my favourite because we got to do all those things the best way we know how, on our bikes!

#3 - Coralie's Birthday Ride Home

Every one of my kid's birthdays are celebrations and memorable, but this past year, my daughter did something exceptional, conquering a large hill on her own on her bike. It seems such a small thing, but to me, it is still a proud moment, knowing how strong and determined my little girl is becoming. It's all about taking pleasure in even the smallest moments.

#2 - A Winter Wonderland Adventure

This recent adventure didn't involve any bike rides, but was exactly what I needed after a long, rainy December. Spending the day travelling up to Whistler and wandering around in the snow was the perfect way to reconnect as a family, and watching the kids taking pleasure in all the snowy activities I took for granted as a child growing up in Ottawa, ON put a huge smile on my face.

#1 - Portland Vacation on Two Wheels

By far my absolute favourite Velo Family Diary entry was about our trip to Portland this summer. Travelling by train and then spending 5 days on our bikes exploring that funky little city made for some great family fun, and has left us excited for our next bike adventure. And getting to watch the Whitecaps with some fellow fans as a family for the first time was just icing on the cake!

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