Thursday, 25 October 2012

Life is about the simple pleasures

With fall well under way, and the gloomy, grey days coming fast and furious, I'll admit my inspiration has run a bit dry for post topics. I have been pondering on it all week, while riding out to an appointment, enjoying some time with my husband, and spending some time at Coralie's school. And then it dawned on me. When the dark days of Fall and Winter arrive, it's important to enjoy the simple pleasures in life! Instead of focusing on what we can't do when it's cold and wet or snowy, making time for small things that make you happy might just be the key to making it to Spring and sunny skies! So today's post is a reflection of some of the simple pleasures I take for granted from time to time...enjoy!

Coffee time with my guys - With Coralie in dance classes twice a week, I spend a lot of time rushing from school, home and then to class. Some days, though, my lovely husband will meet me at the dance studio, and he and I, along with my son, will head to one of our favourite local cafes and enjoy some tasty coffee and a chance to catch up. Not every time is peaceful, but when it is it's a nice treat, and a bit of an escape from the everyday.

Riding without purpose - Every once and a while I get to take a ride on my bike without having to worry about getting to one of my kid's classes, to school, work or the grocery store. Most recently, after dropping our daughter off at Cross Country practice an hour before school, I joined my husband on his ride to work. I had no where to be, no plans to attend to, so I could ride without purpose along the bikeways in Vancouver and enjoy a chat with my husband along the way. It really nice to take advantage of the drier days and just enjoy the simple act of sitting on my bike and going for a ride.

Time with the girls - I find that when the weather turns, it's actually an excellent time to reconnect with my friends. Summer is such a busy time, and when I've been out and about with the kids all day in the sunshine, all I want to do is relax, which means I don't get out too often with the ladies in my life. But since daily obligations start falling into a routine, and life seemingly calms down a bit, it's a great time to set a monthly date to catch up with a friend. We all need a bit of time away from the every day, and what better day than a chat with a good friend.

Child rearing milestones - Completely unrelated to the change in weather, milestones in the child-rearing years can be a BIG ray of sunshine amongst all the stress and worry of being a parent. Recently something big dawned on me. I am now the parent of two completely toilet trained children. Many big decisions got us to this point, like switching to training pants, getting rid of the potty and forcing the kids to go on the toilet. However, I realized just last week that without making any sort of big deal, our son will go to the washroom of his own volition, and will tell us when we're out. I no longer have to worry about carrying an extra change of clothes, or making sure a washroom is within very close proximity to where I am going. It feels really good, too! Sure, I miss when my kids were younger, but being able to go to the local consignment shop today and hand off our old training pants because I will never need them again was pretty fantastic!

A warm bath and some music - This is one thing I will never get enough of. On a cold day, I will pop on one of my son's favourite films and draw myself a hot bubble bath, grab my iPod and just relax in the warmth.

So, when the cold, wet or snowy weather starts to get you down, make time for the little things that make you happy. It'll keep you a little more sane while we wait for the sunshine to return, and you may just kindle some connections in the meantime!

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