Monday, 1 October 2012

Fall Velo Family Ride

Our group for this Velo family Ride
This Sunday we got to share a beautiful Fall sunny day with a few fellow bicycle riding families! We had a repeat ride with our friends Lisa, Oliver and Sprout from The Sprog, as well as some of our fellow friends from Coralie's school! It was a great day to get out, with just a little bit of a cool breeze but lots of sunshine. I'm so glad we got to share the time with our friends before the cold, wet weather hits.

Lisa, from The Sprog, and I, chatting about
commuting on two wheels

We set off from one of our favourite spots, the Square at Olympic Village, and rode the seawall towards Kitsilano Beach. Coralie decided she wanted to lead, so her and her friend, Nora, took the front of the pack for most of the journey. Now that the younger ones are so confident riding on their own, us adults got a chance to catch up and get to know each other better while we rode. I found out that a fellow parent at school who I've been chatting with for the past year and a half has quite a bit in common with me and my family. We swapped restaurant tips, as they are also a vegetarian family, and talked about commuting throughout the city on our bikes. It was just a great example of how nice Conversational Cycling can be, just cruising at a slower speed, enjoying a ride along the water and learning new things about each other!

Coralie's friend, Nora, and her mom posing for
Coralie during a rest stop

The kids watching intently as the racers sped by
When we reached Vanier Park, and just before reaching our final destination, we took a quick stop, noticing there seemed to be a track roped off throughout the park. We quickly realized there was a Cycle Cross race going on, and took in the speed of the bikes riding up and down and around the track. I think we may have some future Cycle Cross racers on our hands, both young and old!

Chris cooking up some grub
We finally reached Kitsilano Beach and the kids all dispersed into the play ground or the sand while Chris and I set up our little BBQ for a mini picnic. The BBQ fits nice and snug in our trailer, and this is now it's 2nd trip of many more to come. Once again, the kids got to play while the adults talked about life, the universe, and everything in between. As things started to get cooler, we all started to disperse our separate ways, whether it was to grab a coffee and warm up before the trip back, to go visit some friends on the West side of Vancouver, or, in our case, take the return trip home. Chris and I enjoyed the quiet as Coralie rode at her own pace and Etienne slept in the trailer. I even took some time to have a bit of fun on my bike, posing for a photo. 

Overall, it was another successful journey. Hopefully the weather continues to cooperate and we can get at least a couple more rides in before the end of the year! daughter!
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