Monday, 31 March 2014

Moments of Happiness in Times of Chaos

The perfect night for a walk along
the water
Raising kids is tough, any parent can tell you that. Finding the time to spend enjoying life together can be challenging, with school, work, after school programs, and whatever else is thrown into our already packed schedules. For the month of March, I had been exceptionally busy with travel and a demanding work schedule, meaning that by the time i got home, made dinner and sat down to eat with my family, I was pretty much drained, wishing to do nothing more that get on my PJ's and flop onto the couch. 

Thankfully, I can always count on my husband to find easy things to do in the evening that require nothing more than catching a sky train and going for a little walk. Admittedly, there are times when I would appreciate less enthusiasm, but truth be told, even when I go begrudgingly, I'm usually treated to something special. Just such a time was had a little over a week ago. With TED2014 in town, and beautiful installation art piece popped up right between Canada Place and the Vancouver Convention Centre. Called Unnumbered Sparks, the art project, created by Janet Echelman and Aaron Koblin, is an interactive community art project dangling above the heads of tourists and locals who have come to marvel at the spectacle.

As the sky darkened the light show began to take shape
Chris and Etienne playing with the light
from his phone
Not only was it a gorgeous night after many days of rain, but my eyes were definitely treated to something unique. Projections hit the mesh installation creating beautiful light that dances not only to the accompanying music, but also to the touch of onlookers. After downloading the interactive app, both our kids spent a good amount of time tapping Chris' phone and making splashes and sparks amongst the lights. I truly appreciate art that appeals to any age, as too often kids can feel awkward and uncomfortable amongst artwork they so desperately want to touch. The look of wonder and amazement on their faces was certainly a highlight after weeks of feeling too tired to spend quality time with my kids.
Once night arrived the colours clearly danced across the sky

My silly munchkins can always
make me smile
Sadly, I think this spectacle has left Vancouver. I hope that if you live in Vancouver you had a chance to go and see it. Some have referred to it as a flying jellyfish. I myself found it to resemble what I imagine the Northern Lights would be like, since I have yet to see them in person. Either way, it was one of those moments of happiness that I will cherish among the chaos of the ever-busy work/life/child rearing balance.

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