Monday, 24 March 2014

Having Fun With Fashion

Vancouver Fashion Week wrapped up today after another successful season. While I haven't attended the shows regularly myself, yesterday I, or at least my lovely bicycle, got to take part in this exciting time for fashion. Our friend David, founder of Vancouver Cycle Chic, was lucky enough to help Danish designer Emma Jorn organize the show for her rainwear collection, Takaokami. Part of his role was helping wrangle up some pretty city bikes for the show, and so contacted me to borrow my red Pappillionaire. Little did he know, I had also just procured a white Pure City bike for a review I'm working on for Momentum Magazine. Once the designer found out she could use bikes in the colours of the Danish flag, the request went from one bike to two! As the proud owner of these bikes, I was lucky enough to get VIP access to the show, and was so excited to see my pretty bikes being ridden down the runway. It was a fun little evening, and I also was able to view some other great fashions from local designers, which, with my fashion design roots, is always a fun night. Here are some snapshots of the show and be sure to check out Emma's fun and functional collection at!
The lovely model that took my bike for a spin down the runway,
wearing a very cute rain skirt
I'm not usually one for bike specific gear, but these are some pretty innovative designs! 
A Rain dress so cute you could get away with wearing it all day!
Who needs a rain coat when you have this awesome wide-brimmed hat paired
with a waterproof skirt?
Sharing rainwear can be a fun way to get closer with your besties
Funnest show of the night created by the beautiful and super sweet Emma Jorn,
taking her bow in the most fitting way

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  1. Your bikes could not have been any more perfect and beautiful!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU :)
    We call dibs on them for when we come back!