Saturday, 14 September 2013

Creature comforts

Life has been pretty much non-existent for me lately. I am currently well into the middle of the bi-annual market season for work, which has taken me on the road for a week as well as kept me busy at the showroom locally. It is so wonderful to have the job I do, allowing me the opportunity to meet many different people from all over Western and Central Canada, and to work for the first employer I've had who truly understands the importance of family. But as you can imagine, being in sales and in the busy season has meant little to no time for anything else, including quality time with the Velo Family.

So today, as I sat in the showroom working away, I decided that despite the gloomy skies outside, it was time for a family ride. As my day came to a close, my son and daughter sauntered through the showroom doors, excited to see me, or perhaps the bowl of candy we keep well stocked. One can only guess. Regardless, I was happy to see them and I bid farewell to my coworkers, the four of us setting off from East Vancouver to the Seawall and our eventual destination...the beach.

                                                           Enjoying some quality cuddles with my babies

I have not been to any of the local beaches in over a month, so as we twisted and turned along the Seawall, even though the air was cooling, I was determined - we would make it to the beach for at least one last dinner by the ocean. I'm so thankful for our persistence because although it was cool, the four of us enjoyed a nice quiet picnic dinner sat on the sand. And while a bright, fall sunset would have been a great sight, looking out over the water and seeing the silhouettes of the freighters amongst the fog was still pretty magical.

As the sky darkened, we made our way home, and I enjoyed yet another of my simply pleasures; a night ride along the quiet seawall. Riding alongside my little girl, we travelled peacefully, sharing just a few words along the way with daddy behind taking some sneaky pictures without our knowledge. Something about the foggy fall evening was just the perfect way for me to rest and recoup before another several days of work ahead. With Autumn and wetter weather not far away, enjoying the comforts of quality time with my family and relaxing bike rides are crucial, and I'm so glad I live in a place where that privilege is afforded me.
In all the chaos, it's nice to find moments of joy

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