Sunday, 18 August 2013

Not too old to have a bit of fun!

All grown up and ready for the big rides!

Friday was my little girl's seventh birthday, and as a treat, we decided to go as a family to the PNE for opening day to celebrate. We try to visit the The Fair at the PNE every year, but in the past, we've been limited to the kiddie rides because our children weren't tall enough. This year, though, with Coralie being taller than the 48" necessary to go on nearly every ride, and Etienne not far behind at about 45", we were treated to an extra special day filled with the rides my husband and I enjoyed as teenagers. As excited as I was, I will admit I was worried that now that I'm a bit older and it's been a good eight to nine years since being on a roller coaster. Would the motion sickness I experience in cars and on buses carry through to speeding roller coasters, or my aversion to swinging affect my enjoyment of sudden dropping and swaying? Time would only tell.

Not too far behind his big sis
Yay for unlimited rides!
First up...log flume!

We arrived at the park just after the gates opened, taking advantage of a highly underused bicycle valet service. Then, at the kids request, it was straight to the log flume. Last summer, we took the kids on the smaller, kids coaster, only to find out they did not enjoy it at all and wouldn't go near any other rides like it the rest of the day. So the two drops of the flume would be a great indicator of how the rest of the day would unfold. I'm happy to say, that despite our youngest being a little unhappy with the larger of the two drops, both kids said they had fun and were ready for more. 

Ready to soar on the swings
Shortly after came the next test - Coralie's first ride on a big ride, the large Wooden Coaster, which she would ride with yours truly while dad took our son to enjoy some of the smaller rides. She waited with nervous excited, unaware that her mother was equally as nervous. I loved roller coasters growing up, living just a little over an hour from Canada's Wonderland in the Toronto area. I really hoped that love had not dissipated. As we hopped into the train, I was excited for my daughter and I, being sure to sit in the middle, nice and safe, and then off we went, click, click, click up the hill to our first drop. As we started our decent, it all came back to me. The rush of excitement, laughter and the occasional scream. Sadly, my daughter was not as excited, getting no enjoyment out of her stomach dropping with every hill. We would later find out that having a chest restraint and corkscrews were absolutely ok for her, so not all hope is lost.
The before shot...on our way up the Wooden Coaster
 After a long day of fun and excitement, we left the Fair exhausted but completely happy with a day well spent. My husband and I got to relive the excitement of the rides we enjoyed from our youth, and we got to share in the fresh exhilaration that our children felt going on a few of our old favourites. I learned that age has not effected the thrill of roller coasters for me, although rides with lots of spinning must be taken in doses now. All in all, it was a fantastic way to celebrate a birthday, and I think we may started a lovely family tradition - as we left, my daughter declared, "Best! Birthday! Ever!"
One happy family!

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