Saturday, 16 March 2013

Needing to find balance? Nothing a good ride can't help

Doing what makes me happy three
weekends ago, riding along Hornby with
my family following behind.
Earlier this week I returned home from a second week of travel for work in a month, only to start another busy couple of weeks of work locally. The intense work schedule, combined with my responsibilities with my daughter's school as well as being a mom and a wife has left me feeling rather overwhelmed and struggling to find a good level of balance. Then there's all the rain we've had this week, which they estimate will add up to about 60-80 mm of rain before the end of the day today. It really does leave a damper on my spirits, leaving me feeling uninspired and severely lacking in energy.

So when I woke up yesterday and saw "dry" streets, I made no mistake about getting on my bike and riding to the office. It had been close to two weeks since I rode last, not counting an hour on an exercise bike while at my hotel in Edmonton. So as the kids and I headed off to the school and sitter, I dusted off my seat, shook the cobwebs off the wheels, and my legs, and started pedalling. Once I had the kids dropped off, I started my quick ride to the office, and I was instantly reminded why it's important to get out on my bike as often as possible. Within moments I felt calm, relaxed and happy! Even riding along the busy East 1st Avenue, the overwhelming number of cars and exhaust didn't lower my spirits. When I reached my office, I walked into the showroom and proclaimed to my employer, "That was amazing!" 

My level of responsibility hasn't changed, and although I have today off work, I have another six days straight of work ahead of me. Somehow, though, my 15 minute ride to and from work yesterday has made it seem a bit more manageable. Add to that that the skies seem to be getting clearer as we get closer to April and I am excited by the prospect of getting out on two wheels more often. Yesterday was a good reminder of what it is that helps me stay balanced; nothing but the wind in my hair, a bit of sun on my face if I'm lucky,  and pedalling along on two wheels!

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