Monday, 25 March 2013

It's official! The Sun has returned to Vancouver!

Evening sun two-wheeled shadows

All weekend long, all I wanted to do was go to the beach and watch the sunset. Unfortunately, with kids, most of our activities usually take place in the late morning or early afternoon, so that by the time evening rolls around we're all too tired to even think about going back out for a sunset ride. Thankfully, though, this evening turned out to be just as gorgeous as those on the weekend, and with a little bit of initiative we took off to English Bay shortly after dinner.

Almost perfectly silhouetted on the seawall

All along the seawall you could see the city had come alive now that the sun was shining and Spring temperatures had returned. From families having an evening stroll, to fellow bike riders, and even the dogs on leashes, everyone was enjoying the taste of the nice weather to come. Being honest, I know full well we'll have some rainy days that never seem to end again, but there's just something about the Spring sun that makes you forget the wet winter that just finished and get excited for long summer days in the sunshine.

My little ham

We arrived at English Bay with enough time for Etienne to play in the sand and Coralie and Daddy to toss around the frisbee while I enjoyed the silhouettes along the beach as the sun slowly fell behind the horizon. The my husband and I got to enjoy a slow ride home while the kids sat nestled in the trailer. Al in all it was a fantastic evening and I look forward to many more evening rides in our very near future!

It's hard not to smile when the weather is like this!
A bit of disc before the sun disappeared
The first of many sunset bike rides to come!

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