Monday, 26 November 2012

Look Carefully...

Recently, my husband has taken to going out of his way on his bike to take photos of the random street art that keeps popping up around Vancouver. The thing that makes many of them special is that they are generally off the beaten track, and would likely go unnoticed were it not for the fact that he, and many other people, are walking or biking past these images at a leisurely pace, taking in his surroundings.

To me, this is one of just a plethora of benefits of riding a bike as a means of transportation. Riding around the city allows my family and I the opportunity to really take in the world around us, and allows us to be fortunate enough to experience our city more intimately. Whether it's the nature around us, images we see along the way, or just the sheer joy my youngest expresses as we coast down a hill, I am forever grateful for the path we've chosen.

Here's a sampling of some of the photos my husband has taken. If you live in Vancouver, try to get out and see them before they are washed away.
10th Ave bikeway and Main St @ Exhibit Menswear 
Under the Cambie Bridge along the Seawall -
sadly it has been washed away, but I will still smile because I saw it
Along Main St @ Helen's Grill
Main St @ Shaktea
Downtown @ Bangtown Hair
Main St @ The Whip
Seawall @ Science World 
South Fraser @ Pita House Restaurant
Main St @ Pho Hoang Restaurant
Main St @ Slickety Jim's

Photos by: Chris Bruntlett (twitter & instagram - cbruntlett)

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