Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The joy of walking

I ride bikes. A lot. Everyone I know or that reads this blog knows that. However, I also have another love...walking. I enjoy walking around in my neighbourhood to run errands and bumping into people I know of the street. I find such pleasure in walking along the seawall, taking in the ocean air and the beautiful views. I have always loved going for long walks, and I would like to thank my wonderful mother for that. I am the oldest of three children, so when my mom started inviting me for walks with her when I was a preteen, I felt privileged, and also got the chance to have time alone with her to talk about life, and the trials and tribulations of a young girl. So walking has always been a time to reflect and take in the world that speeds by in much of my day to day life. 

When I walk with my husband, Chris, we talk about politics, our family, and our future. Walking with my kids is a time to ask about their days, and to teach them some life lessons along the way. Walking on my own gives me a chance to truly observe and appreciate my surroundings, and today, I saw something that reminded me of that. On my way to a meeting, walking along the extremely busy 1st Avenue bridge that leads to Terminal Ave and downtown, I found the most subtle but beautiful piece of graffiti that I am sure most people have never noticed as they drive past every day on their commute. Seeing it was the inspiration for this post today, to remind me to take time to walk once and a while, so I'm sharing it with you! Enjoy, and please share any images you find when taking a walk...I'd love to see the world through your eyes!

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