Thursday, 2 August 2012

Ache Brazil

Last night we had the pleasure of taking in the Celebration of Light as a family. It was our only opportunity to check out the fireworks display over the water of English Bay, so we decided one late night this week for the kids would be worth it. Also, as a special treat, Chris rode my old mountain bike while towing the kids in the trailer, giving me a much needed break from the 88lb workout.
Our perfect spot in Vanier Park
We set out after dinner and headed over to Vanier Park to scope out a good spot, away from the immense crowds of English Bay. It was a nice ride in the cool, late evening breeze, and we managed to get a great spot right at the water's edge. Etienne fell asleep en route, only waking up just before the show started, but Coralie waited it out patiently, taking walks with Daddy along the seawall path while I rested and took in the ocean air.
The night view of the West End
At 10:00pm sharp, the show started. It was a great display of fireworks, brought to us by Brazil, and all to some very suitable music. If you plan on checking out Italy on Saturday, be sure to download the app which will automatically play the soundtrack when the show starts. Admittedly, Etienne was not a big fan, and spent much of the show cuddled up with daddy covering his eyes and ears. Not the reaction I was expecting, seeing as he was just fine for the show on Canada Day. But he's three and half, so I'll excuse him his idiosyncrasies.
Such a beautiful fireworks display
After the show we headed home for a quiet ride, getting in shortly before midnight. And while everyone was pretty tired, and a little grumpy, this morning, I'm glad we did it. It's something truly Vancouver and a tradition we've made a point to see every year since moving to the city.

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