Tuesday, 10 July 2012

My kind of drive-in

With the excitement of the summer starting to wane now that we've settled into a routine, this week seems to be a bit quieter than last. Spending the morning having "home school", as the kids call it, and then heading out to one of the local parks in the afternoon seems to be our set schedule, and no one in my home is complaining about it. 

Riding with the kids all set in their
PJ's for a late night
However, never being one to settle for routine, I suggested last minute that the family head to Stanley Park Second Beach for the Fresh Air Cinema and a screening of one of my favourite comedies, Zoolander. For those of you unfamiliar with the Fresh Air Cinema, it is something run every year where movies are shown on a giant screen in parks in and around Vancouver and greater BC. Best of all, they are completely free! So, after dinner, Chris and I hopped on our bikes, kids nestled in the trailer in their PJ's, and we took the journey through Strathcona and along the Seawall to Second Beach. It was a full house, with people scrambling for space to sit before dusk and the start of the film. Amazingly, both our children stayed awake for the entire movie, catching on to none of the jokes, but loving our idea of a "drive-in", and, of course, getting to stay up way past bedtime. Coralie has already made plans for our next outdoor movie night, including Labyrinth in August, and all the awesomeness that is David Bowie. What can I say, she's got good taste!

The view along the journey to Second Beach...spectacular!
My kind of Drive-In
Sunset date for our bikes
For me, while the notion of cycling to an outdoor movie as a family is a fantastic way to spend an evening, the highlight for me is the ride home. As many young families know, it is incredibly difficult to get any time off without the children, especially when you're on a budget. So the quiet ride home with the kids sleeping in the trailer is pretty spectacular. Chris and I get to ride side by side and talk about our days, enjoy a slow, peaceful night ride, and have a bit of a mini-date. We have been known to go on bike dates, simply riding around the city together, so these moment are cherished, even if I am hauling 88lbs of sleeping children behind me. I would recommend to any other parents out there who enjoy a nice bike ride and haven't thought of riding together before to try it. Ride without a destination and enjoy the journey together. It really can be quite romantic, especially if you steal a few moments in a park or on the beach to watch the sunset!

One last thing, for anyone interested, I an hosting a family ride this Sunday, July 15th at 2pm leaving from Trout Lake and riding to the Athlete's Village. It will be a great way to meet other people and families on bikes and enjoy what should be a beautiful sunny ride through East Vancouver! More info: Velo Family Ride Facebook Event Page

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  1. I am getting more and more nervous to come visit you big sis! lol even with all my new found fitness goals bikes and I still don't get along. My niece and Nephew will be mocking me :p

    P.s thanks for starting this! I love reading about your lives! Miss you guys!

    Love Shannon