Thursday, 26 July 2012

I love my boys!

After the overcast and rainy weather earlier in the week, and my urban cycling drama a couple days ago (click here to read Tuesday's post), I was feeling pretty low. Add to that the fact that my daughter is now off to day camp for seven hours every day and it seems like summer is over for me in a way. Back to routines, rushing kids off to programs, etc. But today, with the beautiful sun shining, and Etienne done his soccer camp in the late morning, I decided we take a trip to Granville Island for a picnic with Daddy and, of course, some time in the water park.

So we made the trek along the 10th Avenue Bikeway to Ontario Street...I had learned my lesson from Tuesday and steered clear of the CVG. There's something so spectacular about the tree lined streets along 10th Avenue that are so calming and lift my spirits every time. Plus, Etienne loves the hills and shouts "Weeeeee!" every time, which is so awesome.
I love that kids can vocalise what we feel inside
without qualms! I wish I could say "weee!" every time
I coasted a hill, too, without looking crazy
After a lovely and peaceful seawall ride, we set up and waited for Daddy to come and meet us. Once the three of us were together, we enjoyed a nice picnic in the park, just me and my boys. After all the negativity, it was so nice to just relax and enjoy their company. Even more spectacular was sharing a total of four slides down the water slide with Etienne, who was simultaneously scared and overjoyed each time.
A short but sweet visit with my honey
With the unimpressed look only a mother could love

It really is the little things that can make everything better, and while my husband and son are not small parts of my life, the simplest of moment are such a treasure, and for that, I love my boys!
Photo care of our 3 year old photographer, Etienne

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