Thursday, 27 June 2013

Four Films, Four Unique People, One Common Thread...The Perfectly Simple Bicycle

On June 1st, Vancouver Cycle Chic premiered their four debut Cycle Chic Films at Whoa! Nellie Bikes. Throughout the month of June, they have since released one film a week to the public, receiving much acclaim for displaying such individualistic perspectives of people that choose to ride a bike to get around Vancouver. I am so proud of my husband and the rest of the Vancouver Cycle Chic crew for working together to volunteer their time in making these fantastic films, and I am inspired by each of their four bike riding stars. 

As I have said previously, these films and the people they feature help to show the human aspect of cycling. They show everyday people riding uncomplicated bikes to do what they do every day, living carefree on two (and sometimes 3) wheels. Featured below are each of these four films. If you haven't yet watched them, take 8 minutes from your day and sit back and relax while you view people just like you making the simple bicycle an extension of their extraordinary lives.

Film 1 - Simon "Inspiration"

Film 2 - Cecily "Heart and Soul"

Film 3 - BIKES "Musical Spectrum"

Film 4 - Camille "The Whole Story"

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